• PLAY!*

    Secure, purpose-built indoor and outdoor dog parks for dogs to enjoy off-lead play and socialisation.

  • STAY!

    Dog day care (please check with your preferred Action Petz centre for availability).

  • TRAIN!*

    We offer a variety of training classes, and behavioural consultations for puppies and adult dogs.

  • AND MORE!*

    In addition to our core services we also offer: dog grooming, fun events all year round, pet stores, a canteen for our members and more!

*This service available in selected centres. Please contact your local Action Petz to check availability. 

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Our Charity Work

At Action Petz we are passionate about supporting the fantastic work of animal rescue charities and there will always be a focus on rehabilitating and helping dogs without permanent homes, therefore our centres are completely free for dogs living in rescue centres or foster placements. For safety reasons, we please ask foster parents and rescues to spend a minimum of six (6) weeks with the dog(s) before using our facilities.

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