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APETS: Canine Education & Training School

Providing high quality training and education to learners that are committed to becoming ethical, knowledgeable, accredited dog handlers and dog trainers.


ACTION PETZ EDUCATION & TRAINING SCHOOL is a facility based in Cardiff, South Wales that is a purpose built education and dog training venue. A.P.E.T.S offers courses to learners that wish to embark on a journey toward becoming an Accredited Canine Technician and or subsequently a Canine Trainer.

Many training courses offered elsewhere to prospective Canine Trainers do not have adequate training facilities that enable students to have access to excellent practical learning, here at A.P.E.T.S we have our own purpose built training and indoor dog park.

We believe that in order to learn how to handle and train dogs, it is imperative to have the opportunity to learn in a practical way and that means access to firstly dogs and secondly a good quality training environment. A.P.E.T.S can satisfy both of these needs where many other courses cannot.

“Every Interaction Counts”

We offer comprehensive canine training courses.

A.P.E.T.S Limited – Education & Training School providing Excellence in Training for students wishing to pursue Canine training and Canine handling careers.



Our Roots programme will ground you in the fundamentals of the APETS philosophy. We focus on helping people to develop an understanding of their relationship with dogs and fuse this with a good grounding in the science and practice of being able to communicate and work ethically with them. We will explore topics as wide ranging as the story of domestication and how dogs perceive the world and how to teach them to live (safely and happily) in ours. In addition, we’ll bring in cutting edge research from the field of anthrozoology (the study of human-animal interactions) on the inner minds and lives of dogs.


The Shoots program will aim to focus you into more advanced training for dogs and people. Building onto the fundamentals of APETS philosophy taught in Roots programme. We Focus on Skills and techniques for assessing dog behaviour, Completing behavioural assessments (e.g. dog intake assessments in shelters, day care, foster – can be adapted to any setting), Training plans, factors the influence stress in our canine partners, triggers and trigger stacking, reactivity, body handling and changing the emotion of fear. We focus on teaching specific techniques for training behaviours (shaping, capturing and luring).

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The Blooms program will further your understanding taught in the Roots and Shoots programs. The course will continue to teach you in understanding and modifying behaviour (including fear, aggression, Separation anxiety and socialization).

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For more Information on the APETS School, please follow the link below or contact APETS at info@apetsdogtraining.com

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