Cardiff Dog Day Care

Cardiff Dog Day Care

What is it? Action Petz Cardiff Doggy Day Care is a fun, safe environment for your dogs to play, exercise and socialise all day whilst you work. Our day care facility is owned and run by experienced staff with one common love: Dogs!

Our aim is to ensure that your dogs have the time of their lives whilst in our care. The philosophy we follow is simple: love, care, structure and plenty of exercise for your dog…, just as you do. We want you to feel happy that your beloved pets will be looked after with 5 star treatment, this way you can feel stress-free by being in the knowledge that your dogs will return to you blissfully happy and tired out from their day of play.

Our day care section includes a 1500 square feet indoor play area with plenty of toys, jumps, cosy sleeping areas and separate areas for small, young or shy dogs. We have installed special cushion flooring that is non- porous, hygienic and soft enough for delicate joints. Our facility also includes an outdoor play area and a specific place outside where we encourage your dogs to toilet.

“My very energetic, mischievous beagle absolutely loved doggy day care… so much so that I don’t think he wanted to come home. Staff and venue are great.”Becky - Aberdare

We, of course, provide plenty of drinking water, also, the day care staff are happy to feed your dog for you during the day if that is what they are used to. Each dog will have their own pigeon hole for personal belongings such as; leads/favourite blanket / dog food or treats (provided by you please) and we are well prepared to cater for dogs with special dietary needs.

During their stay with us your dog will be off lead with total freedom of movement: we do not crate any dog; we may place them in one our big separate pens when it’s necessary. Most of the time this applies to young puppies (they need lots of sleep to grow up), senior dogs, any dog having a meal on the premises and dogs that require a nice quiet nap. Our “pens” are big, spacious separated areas (bigger than a standard double room) provided with fresh drinking water, a doggy bed and blankets. Any pen time gets closely supervised to ensure your dog is comfortable.

PLEASE NOTE: All dogs are assessed for their suitability to the day care environment before being allocated a place: We cannot book your dog without going through this assessment.

“Brilliant! Our two loved their first afternoon of doggy day care. Staff are lovely and helpful.”Vicky, Cardiff

Please remember your dog’s vaccination record on your first visit!

The Action Petz Team

The Day Care Routine

If you’re familiar with basic dog behaviourism, then you’re probably aware that routine is essential to keep a balanced dog. At Action Petz we are fully committed to providing our Day Care boys and girls with a healthy and stimulating routine.

Drop Off:

When you drop off your dogs they get taken immediately to the outdoor area to use the toilet; there’s usually a great deal of excitement so we stay with them outside until they have “relieved” themselves, greeted each other and had a good run.


Time for games, training and socialisation! We will be throwing balls, running around and exchanging treats for tricks. Any new dog will be getting individual attention and lots of reassurance. If it’s sunny we let the pooches stay outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Midday and early afternoon:

Time to eat and rest! By this time most of the dogs will be tired, most of them choose to lie down on the sofa or on the doggy beds. A few of them will be put in the pens in order to get their meal and puppies will be put to bed to nap for at least an hour. This is a very special time because most of our pooches get lots of cuddles, attention and quality time.

Late afternoon:

By late afternoon we’re all pretty tired. Some high energy dogs will continue to play after having some well-deserved resting time, we ensure all dogs playing are playing nice and safe with each other, young pups may want to have a last play with their friends before going home and other pooches just choose to chill out and watch all the action from a comfy sofa.

Pick up:

Time to go home! This is another of our favourite moments. We love to see the dogs’ reactions after not seeing their owners for a few hours; there’s lots of waggy tails, excited barks and plenty of kisses. One of us will have a chat with you to let you know how the day went and make you aware of any issues or observations.

How do I sign up my dog/s?

To ensure the well being and safety of every one of our Doggy Day Care members we follow a 2- step assessment process:


The aim of the written assessment is for us to go through all the paperwork, meet you and your dog, take a series of details, check he/she is up-to-date with their vaccinations and go with you through a series of questions and observation time that will determine whether your dog is suitable for our Day Care environment.
Duration: 20 minutes.
Please bring: your dog and your dog’s vaccination card. We cannot register your dog/s without having proof of vaccination


Once the written assessment is completed and, if we have determined you dog is suitable for Day Care, you can proceed to book him/her to his first day with us. The trial day will act as a second and more in-depth assessment of your dog. We will check for how she/he settles in the group ad if there’s any issues that require special attention.
Duration: up to 5 hours.
Good to know: if your dog’s first day goes well you can now book him/she for a many days as you need.

Doggy Day Care Prices

Please Read our Cancellation and Prevention of Cross Infection Policy

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