Doggy Day Care

What is it?

Action Petz Doggy Day Care is a fun, safe environment for your dogs to play, exercise and socialise all day whilst you work. Our day care facility is owned and run by experienced staff with one common love: Dogs!

Our aim is to ensure that your dogs have the time of their lives whilst in our care. The philosophy we follow is simple: love, care, structure and plenty of exercise for your dog…, just as you do. We want you to feel happy that your beloved pets will be looked after with 5 star treatment, this way you can feel stress-free by being in the knowledge that your dogs will return to you blissfully happy and tired out from their day of play. 

Our day care section includes a 1500 square feet indoor play area with plenty of toys, jumps, cosy sleeping areas and separate areas for small, young or shy dogs. We have installed special cushion flooring that is non- porous, hygienic and soft enough for delicate joints. Our facility also includes an outdoor play area and a specific place outside where we encourage your dogs to toilet. Regular toilet breaks will be factored into the day so that any ‘accidents’ inside are kept to a minimum.

We, of course, provide plenty of drinking water, also, the day care staff are happy to feed your dog for you during the day if that is what they are used to. Each dog will have their own pigeon hole for personal belongings such as; leads/favourite blanket / dog food or treats (provided by you please) and we are well equipped to cater for dogs with special dietary needs.

During their stay with us your dog will be off lead with total freedom of movement: We do not crate any dog; we may place them in one our big separate pens if it’s strictly necessary. Most of the time this applies to young puppies (they need lots of sleep to grow up!) or any dog having a meal on the premises. Our “pens” are big, spacious separated areas (bigger than a standard double room) provided with fresh drinking water, a doggy bed and blankets. Any pen time gets closely supervised to ensure your dog is comfortable.

PLEASE NOTE: All dogs are assessed for their suitability to the day care environment before being allocated a place: We cannot book your dog without going through this assessment.

The Day Care Routine

If you’re familiar with basic dog psychology, then you’re probably aware that routine is essential to keep a healthy and balanced dog. At Action Petz we are fully committed to providing our Day Care boys and girls with a healthy and stimulating routine.

This is how it works:

  • Drop off: When you drop off your dogs with us they get taken immediately to the outdoor area to use the toilet; there’s usually a great deal of excitement and energy so we stay with them outside for about an hour until they have “relieved” themselves, greeted each other and had a good run.
  • Mid-morning: During this time more games, training and socialisation happens. We will be throwing balls, running around and exchanging treats for tricks. Any new dog will be getting individual attention and lots of reassuring cuddles. If it’s sunny we let the pooches stay outside to enjoy the sunshine and paddle the pool.
  • Midday and early afternoon: Time to eat and rest! By this time most of the dogs will be tired and relaxed, most of them choose to lie down on the sofa or on the doggy beds. A few of them will be put into our separate areas in order to get their meal and puppies will be put to bed to sleep for at least an hour. This is a very special time because most of our pooches get lots of individual attention and quality time with us.
  • Late afternoon: By late afternoon we’re all pretty tired. Some high energy dogs will be let into the main park to play and have a go at the agility area to let off some steam before going home, young pups may want to have a last play with their friends and other pooches just choose to chill out.
  • Pick up: This is another of our favourite moments. We love to see the dogs’ reactions after not seeing their owners for a few hours; there’s lots of waggy tails, excited barks and plenty of kisses. One of us will have a chat with you to let you know how the day went and make you aware of any issues or observations.
Wilf Wilford: Our Day Care Manager

Hello, my name is Wilf And I’m the Doggy Day Care Manager here at the centre. I spent most of my working life with the Ministry of Defence handling and caring for Military working dogs. Having moved to Cardiff to become part of the amazing Action Petz team, I now spend my days surrounded by your wonderful furry friends ensuring they have a safe, fun stay and that they go home tired and happy.

I make sure our guests have a well-structured day and that I meet all of their individual needs, with constant supervision, as Action Petz dogs are not crated but allowed to play and socialise.

I can normally be found in Day Care, the main park or outside in the yard with my fluffy friends in tow, utilising my professionalism and experience to make certain your dog has the best time possible without you, and is always eager to visit me again.

Bookings, Rules & More

If you like what you see and think our Day Care service will be ideal for you and your dog, then please we ask you to stick to the following rules: 

  1. All dogs are assessed for their suitability to the day care environment before being allocated a place, we cannot book your dog without going through this assessment. In order to get your dog assessed please ring us on 02920 493003 to arrange a convenient time.
  2.  Please bring your dog’s up-to-date vaccination card during your first visitWe can’t allow you to use any of our services without it.
  3. Make sure your dog is fit and healthy before making a Day Care booking. Any signs of coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, ticks or fleas will be dealt with immediately, this normally means we will be contacting you to pick up your dog and get him treated. 
  4. Bitches in season are not allowed.
  5. “Dress Code”. In the UK, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner engraved or written on it. Wearing a collar also facilitates our staff when putting on leads.
  6. All bookings must be made in advance. We can arrange this over the phone on 02920 493003 or in person at the centre. Our Day Care service is very popular with spaces filling very fast. 24 hours is the minimal recommended time to book with us. 
  7. Payment must be made upon booking. In order to avoid excessive numbers of no-shows and to secure day care places we are now taking payments upon booking. You can do this by stopping by at our front desk in the centre or by telephone (please have your debit/credit card details ready). Fees are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances.
  8. Block bookings / set days. If possible please reserve in advance the days of the week or month you’d like us to take care of your pooch. This will allow us to provide a better and more fair service to all of our customers. Set days/weeks can be reserved long term for you. 
  9. Cancellation list. Due to high demand we also have a waiting list: owners will be contacted should a space become available.  Up to 3 dogs per day will be entered onto the list. 

Questions or suggestions? Please contact us on 02020 493003 or stop by at the front desk and speak to a member of the team

Day Care Prices

Flat Tariff


Per DayFrom 8 AM until 6 PM

Flexible times: you decide when to drop off and pick up your dog

Payment must be made upon booking

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