Dogs Trust Consultations - Bridgend

Rachel Kitson and Sara Leckie from Dog’s Trust Bridgend will be offering their dog training expertise here at Action Petz Bridgend. If you are looking to resolve a behaviour issue this service could make a difference to you and your dog’s life.

Services being offered

Behavioural Services

Behavioural problems include issues that can not always be resolved by formal training; this means behaviourists look to eliminate issues that are not considered normal conduct in animals. In the canine world this translates into working toward eliminating fear, aggression and/or anxiety problems among others so your dog can lead a normal life. Given the fact that every dog’s life and circumstances are different, a behaviour consultation is always offered on a 1 to 1 basis; this allows our trainers to identify the root cause of the problem and offer you bespoke advice and support.

  • Duration: each session lasts 90 minutes.
  • Dates and times: every Thursday (unless stated otherwise).
  • Price: £55.00 per session.
  • Deposit: £10 deposit payable upon booking.
  • Bookings: please ring Action Petz Bridgend on 01656 724846 to secure your place. Remember we will require to take a £10 deposit.

To find out more about Dogs trust , visit there website with the button below.