Action Petz Events

Action Petz is the perfect venue for fun parties doggy meetings. Throughout the year we host many privately run events, as well as open ones to the public. Keep an eye on this page, it gets updated every month!

Join us on a year of fun for all of our doggy friends! Whether is our Christmas or Halloween Parties, breed specific meets (Spaniels, Sighthounds, Northerh Breeds, Miniature Breeds… and so much more!) and dog shows you can rest assured there’s always something entertaining going on in our centres.

Please don’t despair if you don’t see your dog’s breed for our breed-specific parties. We are always happy to receive your suggestions!

Remember: some of these events are private and after-hours (4 PM - 6 PM) and therefore cost £5 per dog.

See you here!

To see all our events at our Bridgend and Cardiff branches click on the calendar button:

Please Remember: all events take place are under the Action Petz House rules. If you are unsure about our rules please click the button below.

Park Rules