Action Petz! Events

Action Petz! is th eperfect venue for hosting doggy related events. Throughout the year we host many privatly run events, as well as open events to the public. Keep an eye on this page as Events will be posted as they are booked.

Action Petz! Cardiff Breed Specific Events!

Join us on a year full of fun events for all of our doggy customers.

Please don’t despair if you don’t see your dog’s breed in the list. We have saved a few months for all of you to decide smile emoticon

Remember, all these events are private and after-hours (4 PM - 6 PM) and therefore cost £5 per dog.

See you here!

JAN 23rd: Labrador’s and Retrievers

FEB 27th: Northern Breed’s

MAR 26th: Mutt’s in Marchs

APR 23rd: Spaniel Craze!

MAY 28th: Small & Tinies

JUN 25th: Gentle Giants

SEP 24th: Wonky Pooches!

NOV 26th: Working Dogs