Let your dog play, run and have lots of fun in a completely safe and exclusive environment!

Built especially for those boys and girls that for many reasons can’t share the main park with the rest of our members. If your dog is fearful, reactive or simply has had a bad start in life then our Freedom Park could be the place you’ve been looking for!

This private area has been designated to be used exclusively by you and your dog; your dog can run and play off-lead in a completely safe zone, this means you can also enjoy the whole playing experience without having to worry about the possibility of your dog facing any negative triggers or unplanned encounters.

At the Freedom Park you’ll find the same artificial grass floor, jumps and benches as found in the main park, fresh water is provided before every play session and all access doors can be locked from the inside for you to make completely sure that no one but you and your dog(s) gain entry. Our staff is available to fulfil any request you may have; we can provide you with drinks and snacks from our cafe, inform you about our training and/or behavioural services and make completely sure that you and your dog(s) are happy and comfortable.

The Freedom Park is available to hire in 30 minute slots, if you wish more time you can book 2-3 consecutive slots (subject to availability). You can bring as many dogs as you wish (within reason!) provided they all get along and you are able to manage them while using the Freedom Park. 

Give you and your dog/s the chance to have a play session in a stress-free environment!Action Petz
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Please remember to bring your dogs up-to-date vaccination record on your first visit!The Action Petz Team

I want to join the Freedom Park!

Joining the Freedom Park at Action Petz couldn’t be easier! Please follow the guidelines stated below and read our rules for a pleasant and relaxed experience.


Joining the Freedom Park at Action Petz couldn’t be easier! Please follow the guidelines stated below and read our rules for a pleasant and relaxed experience.

  • Anyone can join the Freedom Park: this means you don’t need to be an Action Petz member to use this facility.
  • Registration is required: for health and safety reasons you will need to fill a registration form for every dog you intend to bring into the Freedom Park. This form gets filled on your first visit. If you’re a current Action Petz member you will have to fill this registration form as the Freedom Park and Action Petz operate independently.
  • Vaccinations: all dogs using the Freedom Park must be completely vaccinated, flead and wormed. Please bring your dog’s vaccination card on your first visit. Proof of annual boosters are also required. Kennel Cough vaccine is not compulsory within the park, however we do recommend it for peace of mind.
  • Multiple dogs: you can book the Freedom Park to be used for more than one dog; however keep in mind that given the nature and purpose of the park we require that all dogs are happy and confident in each other’s company and that you can control/manage them during the play session
  • Play sessions: each play session will last 30 minutes, you can book multiple consecutive sessions provided there’s no other session booked. Every 30 minutes session cost £5 irrespective of the number of dogs using the park during the session.
  • Bookings: playing sessions can be booked in advance by phoning us on 02920 493003 or at our front desk. Drop-in sessions are allowed, however keep in mind you might find your desirable slot to be already booked.
  • Health and safety: please read the safety rules below to ensure you and your dogs enjoy the Freedom Park without any unnecessary complications.

Freedom Park Rules

At the moment we’re unable to accommodate dogs that are aggressive/reactive toward people. If you have person agressive dog, please phone us so we can redirect you to the relevant behaviour professionals.

When first arriving at Action Petz, please leave your dog/s in the car or accompanied by an adult in a safe area outside the park whilst you notify a member of reception of your arrival and complete the registration and/or payment process. Once you have notified us your arrival we will check the premises as well as the street in order to facilitate a safe and relaxed entry for your dog/s.

The Freedom Park is an indoor space, this means toileting is strictly forbidden. Please ensure your dog has toileted before entering the park, there’s plenty of space outside Action Petz to take your dog for a wee/poop before entering, if you need assistance please ask our staff, we are happy to help. If your dog is used to mark/scent indoors please purchase a male dog wrap at reception (£1 cost). Failure to adhere to this rule could result in your use of the facility being terminated.

For safety reasons, all dogs must be brought in and out of the facility on a collar/harness, lead and muzzle. If your dog usually wears a muzzle please ensure he/she wears it when entering and leaving the Freedom park; once inside you can remove it.

Once inside the Freedom Park you must lock the door from the inside so access is completely restricted. You can easily communicate with out staff from the park windows. 

All dogs must wear a collar and ID tag at all times. Please note it is illegal in UK to have a dog in any public spaces without an ID tag and a collar. 

All dogs must be vaccinated, wormed, deflead and in good general health (no signs of vomiting, coughing or diarrhoea 48 hours prior using the facilities). Please bring your dog’s vaccination card during your first visit.

Dogs do not need to be neutered, however bitches in season are not permitted in the facilities.

Risk management: recognise that by taking your dog to a dog park, you are accepting a small degree of risk that your dog may be injured or may injure another dog.

Please remember YOU are responsible for your own dog/s whilst attending the park. Watch them closely for soiling/scenting indoors and for any behaviour considered dangerous or damaging. 

Please clean up after your dog, cleaning supplies  are provided for you to clean up any accidents that your dog may have. If you require assistance, a member of our staff will be happy to help. 

Please notify a member of staff when you’re ready to exit the Freedom Park: we’re responsible for facilitating a safe exit from the premises. Do not exit the Freedom Park on your own under any circumstances.