Meet The Action Petz Team! - Cardiff

Meet The Action Petz Team! Cardiff


Our team is composed of wonderful individuals that despite coming from different paths, countries and backgrounds share a single passion… DOGS! We love them, we are mad about them and go out of our way to make the time they share with us an enjoyable one. We’re the type of people that will probably ask to pet your dog on the street, the ones that can’t contemplate a fun day without including the dog and feel impotent when not just a dog, but any animal experiences abuse and cruelty. We’re not afraid of hair, slobber, wees or poops; we love interacting with each pooch at the park, getting to know them better, making a fuss and sometimes sneaking in a little treat (always with your permission!) In short: we have the best job in the world because we love and believe in what we do, and that reflects in our service.


Founder & Owner of Action Petz Ltd

Hi there, my name is Shelley; I am the founder of Action Petz Limited. I’ve had a successful career to date, in the early days working in hospitality and retail, then later in the field of health. I have owned several businesses previously and ever since I can remember I have wanted to combine my love for animals and my entrepreneurial spirit. I have lifelong experience in animal handling and also care, compassion and drive by the bucket load!

I see my role in Action Petz as the engine behind the company, driving it forward and ensuring that we never lose sight of where and why this venture was started. The starting point for Action Petz came from one single question… How can I make life better for animals? That question opened the flood gates and I knew at that point I would never look back. The future success of Action Petz will be owed to sincerity and unwavering belief in its concept.




Senior Partner

Hi, my name is Jane, I pride myself in exemplary customer service and satisfaction. I am very much a people person and I have had a very successful career to date working at senior management level in various fields including hospitality.

My involvement in Action Petz in simplistic terms is to ensure that the company is the very best it can be.  Top of my list is to be a company leader that is trusted, respected and well known for implementing staff training to the highest level. My vision for Action Petz is to create an outstanding place of work for staff, a caring and safe place for your pet and an atmosphere for you the customer that is so warm and welcoming that you want to come back time and time again. I operate an open door policy and I’m here to oversee the smooth running of Action Petz. You will find me in the cafe and main park areas making sure that all of our customers are having a fantastic time.




Center Assistant

Hello, My name is Rhys I am 20 years old and am a centre assistant at Action Petz

I have looked after dogs all my life growing up with a range of different breeds. I grew up with three Labradors, a jack russle and for a short while we looked after a lurcher.

I currently have two rescue dogs Tia and betty and since rescuing I have never looked back. Rescuing tia was never an issue she was a regular puppy full of energy however the same could not be said for betty. I first started coming to Action Petz in February 2015 to try and rehabilitate betty and turn her from the terrified dog that she was into the bouncy puppy she is today, I really believe in giving rescue dogs second chances in life and I am extremely proud of how far she has come.

Other than the dogs I have owned we have looked after a briefly fostered dogs for as long as I can remember, being covered in dog fluff and slobber has been a daily thing for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am currently studying my foundation degree in art and design and will be starting my BA in fine art in September at Cardiff metropolitan university, I really enjoy traveling and getting to see art all over the world as well as creating my own work and exhibiting it when I can. I have drawn two large mural’s on the walls within the park as well as a couple other bits and pieces.


Center Assistant

Hi, my name is Dorothy, my husband and I joined the centre with our chocolate Labrador Coco just after the centre opened in 2014. I started work as a volunteer in March 2015 and became an employee in September. Having worked all my life in an office environment working at the Action Petz centre has given me the opportunity of fulfilling a desire to work with dogs and with people who felt as passionate about dogs as I do. I look forward to welcoming you and your dogs to the centre and making your stay a happy one


Center Assistant

Hello! My name is Alex, I am the youngest member of the team. As some of my coworkers, I came to Action Petz on its launch day as a customer with my Border Collie Lacey who is 1 year old.

I am the latest member to join the Action Petz  team and I am really enjoying it. I have grown up with dogs all my life and I adore them, so being given the opportunity to work with them is my idea of a dream job. I completed my my work experience here at Action Petz for a week and realised how much I enjoyed working with the dogs and the team. After that,  I went on to do voluntary work here and it wasn’t too long after I started when I got offered a job, and of course, I couldn’t say no.

I have come to realise from my time at Action Petz that I would like to make a carer of working with dogs, I am hoping to go further in that direction whilst here.

If you are at the park you will probably find me monitoring either the indoor or the outdoor area, also I do help out on the front desk and in the cafe.

I look forward meeting you and your dogs for a fun time at Action Petz, I know you will have a wonderful experience.


Centre Assistant

Hi my name is Lisa, I have been a visitor to the park since it opened and started as a volunteer for 5 months before officially joining as staff at the beginning of 2016! I have always worked with animals starting at age 13 at the RSPCA shelter as a weekend kennel hand, I loved it! When I finally left there it was only to begin my stint as a Veterinary Nurse full time another wonderful job that taught me most of my skills to date, personally I had only had cats until I left my family home, but after nursing I also owned and ran a Reptile/Pet shop for a few years and then I think I at some point have have every pet known to man! Took a few years off to raise a family and have gone right back to what I know and love… animals, Action Petz was an inspired idea that I had to be a part of, a great facility for Dogs and owners alike it’s fun for both, the staff are a solid close group that I love. My own dog (British Bulldog) Lunar loves it. I am in it for the love of dogs I also work for The Edward Foundation Bulldog rescue and am on my 3rd foster intake and couldn’t be happier. You will find me in the Cafe and Main Park every day I look forward to watching you have a good time.