Meet The Action Petz Team! - Bridgend

Our Bridgend team is composed of wonderful individuals that despite coming from many different paths and backgrounds share a single passion… DOGS! We love them, we are mad about them and go out of our way to make the time they share with us an enjoyable one. We’re the type of people that will probably ask to pet your dog on the street, the ones that can’t contemplate a fun day without including the dog and feel impotent when not just a dog, but any animal experiences abuse and cruelty. We’re not afraid of hair, slobber, wees or poops; we love interacting with each pooch at the park, getting to know them better, making a fuss and sometimes sneaking in a little treat (always with your permission!) In short: we have the best job in the world because we love and believe in what we do, and that reflects in our service.


Owner of Action Petz Bridgend

Hi, I’m Sam, owner of Action Petz Bridgend. I have always had a strong bond with animals, in particular dogs. Growing up and through my teens I was surrounded by dogs and spent my spare time volunteering at veterinary surgeries and rescue centres. As an adult I spent much of my time learning about dog training and positive interactions with animals. I’ve shared my life with many dogs, my first family dog being an English Setter. I was given a Standard Poodle as a young girl after much begging; for whom I had sole responsibility. Lucy sparked my interest in dog training which resulted in me following my passion for training and K9 care. As an adult, my first dog was a Rottweiler who I taught to do numerous ridiculously fun tricks which she thoroughly enjoyed. I’m now the proud Human to Coco who is a Victorian Bulldog and Ruby who is a Frenchie and Action Petz Bridgend’s matriarch! In my previous career, I worked for an international manufacturing firm leading me to spending 5 years working in China. On my return, I followed my dream of working solely for the benefit of animals by opening Action Petz Bridgend. I’m passionate about helping animals in need and love to raise funds and awareness for rescue centres whenever I can. Being the owner of Action Petz Bridgend has given me the opportunity to do this more regularly.


Center Co-ordinator

Hi. My name is Becky and my current role at Action Petz is Park Co’ordinator. I have been working for Action Petz since our launch date in September 2015. I absolutely love my job and I haven’t looked back.
My involvement in Action Petz is quite simple, I work behind the scenes aswell as in the Main park, Café and Reception area.
I feel that Action Petz creates an outstanding place of work for staff, with a trustworthy and caring team, what more can we ask for. Also, here at Action Petz we’ve got a safe place for your pet to play, socialise and make lots of new play mates.
I am a huge dog lover, I have many dogs myself, ranging from terriers, lurches and even a chihuahua.

Come along to Action Petz Bridgend and come see for yourselves how great it is.
Hope to see you and your furry friends soon

Dave Griffin

Hi, my name is Dave,

I live with Valley, who is a former street dog from Eastern Croatia. She unfortunately was hit by a vehicle while on the streets and as a result lost one of her back legs. She was rescued by some fabulous volunteers and moved in with me August 2015.

I have been involved with Eastern European dog rescue for the past 6 years having visited Romania and Croatia to offer practical and behavioural support to the shelters. I am a volunteer for German Shepherd Rescue Elite providing home checks and GS assessments re suitability for re homing and have always helped out in local shelters wherever I have lived.

I recently achieved my Accredited Intermediate award in Canine Behaviour and Training from Alpha Education ( Open College Network)

My motto in working with dogs is ‘Dogs have feelings too’.



Have had had a love of dogs since childhood , and one of my earliest memories was catching a German Shepard dog with a piece of string so that my dad[ who was a police man ]could have his own police dog !
Gun dogs have always been my love and for the past twenty six years i have owned German short haired pointers.I Have mainly been involved in  showing them but i love to be involved in training dogs and have had a go at obedience and agility
but it wasn’t until i discovered H.P.R. working tests that i found what i really love and that is to train and test the dogs for what they are bred to do .I have been fortunate to train on the yorkshire moors in spring to train and test the dogs hunting and pointing abilities.
In the summer months  as well as the showing i compete at H.P.R. working tests which tests the dogs ability on hunting retrieving on land and over water . I currently own four G.S.P.’S.  Monti , Tegan ,Freya and Bailey .I am thrilled to be working at Action Petz Bridgend
what better way to spend your working day surrounded by dogs , i learn something new from them every day .


I live in the Bridgend area with my husband, two teenagers, 7 dogs, a horse and three cats.

I am a fosterer for a dog rescue and I have had many dogs in my care that have spent their lives being used many times for breeding on puppy farms. They arrive traumatised, physically neglected and shut down emotionally. It’s lovely seeing them gradually learn to enjoy life as a pet dog and going on to loving adoptive families.
Five of my dogs are from the rescue and have had a collection of physical and emotional problems. Blindness, cancer,  severe mange, eye and ear infections, eye removal due to untreated ulcer, arthritis and teeth removed. One arrived so traumatised and fearful of humans that if I looked in her direction she would physically tremble in fear and mess herself. One is fearful of dogs outside the home and I have been working hard with him to overcome this and he is doing well. 
I continue to encourage everyone buying a puppy to ask to see the mother.

I have an interest in dog psychology and behaviour and am currently studying a professional trainers course and a canine behaviour course.

I love working at Action Petz Bridgend and enjoy meeting the dogs and their owners.



Hi, my name is Emily and I am the youngest member of the Bridgend team at just 17 years old. I am currently studying Animal Management in Pencoed college but in September I’ll be going to University in Carmarthenshire to study my Vet Nursing degree. I absolutely adore my job! I previously worked in retail and so as soon as I saw the job opening I knew it was perfect for me. I have grown up with and love Cavaliers but I love any other dogs just as much. I have always wanted to work with animals from a young age and so I am very greatful for my job. I look forward to seeing you in the park!


Hello my name is Eve, I am one of the latest members to join the action Petz team here in Bridgend. Walking into the kitchen and seeing my dogs Meg (the smallest and the mother) Tanzi (the ginger one) and Sally (the largest) cuddled up in the morning, then hearing their howling chorus when I  return home in the evenings have always been the highlights of my day. I’ve always considered my animal family my greatest pleasure in life, raising chickens, dogs, ferrets, African land snails and a plethora of wildlife in my garden. I also take pride in sponsoring a Dogs Trust dogs and walking dogs at Friends of the Dogs Cardiff.

My previous roles have seen me in the hospitality sector, waitressing and working for a kennel and cattery. Now thanks to Action Petz, every minute I’m in work is a highlight. I’ve only worked for Action Petz for a short period and can say hands down that its everything I thought it would be and more. I love that everyone who enters the Action Petz building adores dogs as much as I. Its so nice to look forward to waking up and going to work every day.

You’ll find me mainly around the park asking lots of questions about your dogs. I love getting to know each dog and find out about their individual personalities, which also makes them easier to monitor and keep safe. Staff within the park are lovely and together we provide a loving, playful and safe environment in which dogs can come and enjoy themselves. This job provides me with the opportunity to grow and expand my canine knowledge every day. I look forward to meeting you and your dog(s)!


Hello, My name is Jonathan


My name is Chris, I am the daycare assistant and one of the dog trainers at Action Petz Bridgend.

My journey started with my dog Chilli, he’s a soft Hungarian Vizsla but is reactive to strangers. This has pushed me to continuously learn as much about dogs as possible make our lives as fun and relaxed as possible.

My dog has inspired the need to help others and their dogs in me which is why I’ve become one of the trainers here.
I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with owners and I found the best way is through training and teaching dogs and humans to communicate in a friendly and positive manner.

My studies about dogs are always on-going so I find myself spending most of my time either with a book in my hand, working directly with dogs or at seminars and training classes to really improve my knowledge and skill level.

I hope to see you and your dog at the park and encourage anyone to approach me with any questions about their dog!


My name is Mark Jones and I have only recently started working at Action Petz after being a volunteer for a number of months. I have had dogs all my life starting from an early age where my Great Grandparents had Saint Bernard’s. I currently have 2 Boxers, Henry who is 11 and Lunar who is 14 months. I couldn’t imagine life without them and regard them as not just pets but a huge part of the family. My interest with dogs has grown over the past couple of years when I became a member of a Boxer club meeting regularly with other owners of Boxers all over Wales for walks and socialisation. I regularly bring my youngest Boxer Lunar to Action Petz for socialisation and training as I find the enclosed and secure space excellent for her growing needs. I enjoy meeting all of the other owners and learning about their dogs and I am looking forward to my time working for Action Petz and being part of their ‘family’.