T&Cs and Policies: Dog Day Care

As a client of Action Petz Day Care and Dog Boarding service (Dog Boarding available in selected centres), you must adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Action Petz reserves the right to make or change minor points or amendments in this agreement without notice to you, and to notify you by posting an updated version of these Terms on the website (www.actionpetz.com/dog-day-care-terms-and-conditions/),at which point they will become immediately effective.
  2. I understand that, under the Control of Dogs Act 1992, my dog(s) must wear a collar and an identity tag and must be microchipped (NB. From March 2017, all dogs must be microchipped by law).
  3. I understand that my dog must have up-to-date vaccines and that vaccination certificates must be provided to Action Petz and any updates and/or changes on the vaccination certificates should be notified to the Centre Manager as soon as possible. Individual Action Petz centres might accept titre testing, however, owners are strongly advised to consult well in advance if their centre of choice does accept titre testing.
  4. I agree to worm and de-flea my dog(s) regularly as per recommended schedules.
  5. I understand that my dog, if not castrated, must not display excessive mounting, aggressive or marking behaviours and bitches must not be brought in when in season. We reserve the right to retire non-castrated males from our boarding facility if the behaviours mentioned above are persistent.
  6. I understand that my dog will be in an open play area and off lead in suitable areas. I understand that during normal dog play and agility, dogs may sustain slight injuries. All dog play is monitored at Action Petz to avoid injury, but scratches, punctures, torn ligaments and other injuries may occur despite the best supervision.
  7. I understand that even if my dog is vaccinated against Bordetella (Kennel Cough) there is a chance that my dog can still contract Kennel Cough. I agree that I will not hold Action Petz responsible if my dog contracts Kennel Cough while attending Action Petz and I will comply with the prevention of cross infection policy.
  8. I agree to notify Action Petz of any infectious or contagious disease that my dog has been exposed to or is affected by and agree to the Action Petz Dog Boarding Cancellation Policy and Prevention of Cross Infection Policy and these policies have been issued in writing to me.
  9. I agree to notify Action Petz of any changes regarding my personal contact details.
  10. I agree to notify Action Petz of any changes regarding my dog’s behaviour, training needs, health issues and/or any other relevant details that might affect my dog under the care of Action Petz.
  11. I understand, and agree that my dog(s) will be re-assessed for Day Care/Boarding at the current Day Care/ Boarding re-assessment fee if he/she has not used these services for 12 months since their last stay with us.
  12. I understand that I am responsible for any harm caused by my dog at Action Petz, whether to dogs or other patrons or staff. I shall indemnify and hold Action Petz harmless against any claims made against Action Petz or losses or damages of any kind suffered as a result of my dog. I understand and agree that in admitting my dog to Action Petz, that the staff has relied on my representation that my dog is in good health and has not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any person or any other dog. I understand and acknowledge that Action Petz Strongly recommends for my dog(s) to be covered by Third Party Liability Pet insurance and general Pet Insurance; such insurance(s) will be required should my dog(s) a) requires life threatening emergency veterinary care with your permission via our approved Vet, b) injures another person, c) injures another dog or, d) damages property while at Action Petz. I also understand and agree that if my dog(s) are not covered by Third Party Liability Pet insurance and general Pet Insurance, I will be responsible for covering the expenses specified above and any additional expenses arising from damages caused by my dog to other persons, other dogs and/or property while at Action Petz.
  13. To ensure my dog’s wellbeing, I agree to him/her going into the quiet area for rest periods when necessary.
  14. Although we make every effort to provide dogs with enclosed, safe spaces, we cannot guarantee a dog will not escape from our premises. The fencing installed at our centres is at a minimum height of 6 feet. If your dog tends to jump fences, you assume all risks of bringing him/her to our premises and release Action Petz, its owners, employees or agents of any liability or any damage whatsoever arising from the fencing provided at our centres.
  15. Action Petz reserves the right to withdraw any current promotions, deals, offers or discounts at any time.
  16. By becoming an Action Petz Day Care and/or boarding user you agree and give Action Petz consent to store yours and your dog(s) personal details provided to us by you via the present registration form. Action Petz will never pass on or sell your personal information. Your membership information is stored in a secure database and we use this data for you and your dog(s) to gain access to our centre and to administer your membership account. At Action Petz we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to:
    1. Administer your membership account.
    2. Provide you with the services you have requested from us.
    3. Ensure you gain access to our facility.
    4. Ensure all dogs in our centre enjoy a safe stay.
  17. Consent: I the undersigned parent/ dog owner or guardian/participant do hereby grant authority to the staff at Action Petz to render a judgement concerning veterinary care in the event of an accident or illness during my absence. Additionally, I do hereby authorise Action Petz and its assigns to utilise any and all photographs, pictures or other likeness of me or anyone/dog assigned guardianship to me, as they deem appropriate in its promotional materials or team films.
  18. I give my permission for my dog to be exercised off-lead with other dogs.


At Action Petz, we pride ourselves in providing a safe, stable and caring environment that looks after the wellbeing of every dog in our care and our team. Additionally, we need to ensure dog owners are aware that, a as professional organisation, we have a set of policies in place that ensure not only the well-being of dogs, but also our team and our business in general. With this in mind, from July 2019 we will be implementing a 3-Strike Policy for Dog Day Care.

The 3-Strike Policy for Dog Day Care is designed to spot, identify and adjust unwanted behaviours and patterns in dog owners that do not follow the:

  • Day Care Terms and Conditions.
  • Day Care Prevention of Cross-infection Policy.
  • Day Care Feeding Policy.
  • Day Care Cancellation Policy.
  • Day Care Late Collection Policy. 

Additionally, we want to remind dog owners that, in order to continue upholding our excellent safety record we will continue to monitor and record any issues, and behaviour patterns for all the dogs in our care. The objective of this policy is to make our Dog Day Care a safe, comfortable and happy place for ALL dogs and ALL staff.

What warrants a strike?

  • Serious aggression from a dog toward other dogs/people.
  • Dogs that bully and/or harass other dogs on a continuous basis.
  • Dogs that present excessive and out of control barking.
  • Disruptive and out of control dogs that do not listen to staff instructions.
  • Dog owners that fail to follow our team feedback/instructions.
  • Dogs with issues over resources (possessiveness over toys/treats/people).
  • Dog owners that do not follow our Day Care Terms and Conditions.
  • Dog owners that do not follow our Day Care Prevention of Cross-infection Policy.
  • Dog owners that do not follow our Day Care Feeding Policy.
  • Dog owners that do not follow our Day Care Cancellation Policy.
  • Dog owners that fail to uphold our Day Care Late Collection Policy. 

If you or your dog present a behaviour that warrants a strike, you will be verbally informed by our staff (this will also be recorded in writing) and given sufficient time to amend any issues.

If you or your dog keep presenting any of the issues that might warrant a strike, you will be verbally informed and said strike will be recorded in our electronic database system as well as in writing.

Dogs and dog owners given their third strike will not be allowed to use our Day Care services across any Action Petz centre. 

Should our team deem it necessary, a consultation with a qualified dog trainer and/or behaviourist can be arranged if you request it.


  • A minimum of 24-hour notice must be given in which to cancel.
  • Clients that do not show up without prior notice of cancellation or without exceptional circumstances will be required to pay the full cost of the day that was missed.
  • Any outstanding monies will need to be paid in full before further bookings are authorised.


  • Your dog(s) will not be accepted into day care if he/she is showing any signs of illness or infection EG: coughing, skin infections, parasite infections, sickness, diarrhoea, mucous discharge from eyes, ears, nose or genitalia.
  • If your dog/s shows any of the above signs or have any suspected illness they must not be brought into day care and the Centre Manager must be notified immediately.
  • Your dog/s will not be able to attend Day Care until they are symptom free and/or had notification from a Vet that they are able to return.


If you wish for us to feed your dog whilst in our care, please note the following: 

  • Your dog’s food container must be sealed in an airtight container (Tupperware style). This applies to all kinds of food (dry, wet, raw, mixed, etc.) as well as treats.
  • The container’s lid must be clearly labelled with your dog’s name, last name and feeding time. Please check it is legible.
  • We cannot accept feeding containers that do not follow the above specifications.


Action Petz Doggy Day Care late collection policy is designed to:

  • Protect any dog(s) that have been left at any Action Petz Doggy Day Care facility over the agreed collection time, or after closing hours.
  • Prevent any issues which can affect the licensing conditions of any Action Petz Doggy Day Care facility, particularly regarding dog capacity in the Day Care area.
  • Prevent the “knock on” effect on dogs booked in for Doggy Day Care in the afternoon. We are unable to accept afternoon dogs in the Day Care area, until all of the dogs booked in for the morning of the same day are collected.
  • Deliver and uphold our duty of care to every dog in our centres. Late collection can cause unnecessary distress to a dog, and another “knock on” effect on the rest of the dogs in our care.
  • Provide our hard-working teams with reasonable and manageable working hours and workloads. Dogs remaining in our care after agreed collection times, or after normal opening hours must be supervised by a minimum of two members of staff. 

We appreciate that sometimes there may be circumstances beyond every dog guardian’s control affecting the prompt collection of their dog(s). In the rare instances this occurs: 

  • Dog owners will be given a 10-minute leeway to account for circumstances outside of their control (i.e. traffic) on 3 separate occasions only.
  • Any late pick-ups after 3 occasions will trigger a late pick up fee payable upon collection. 

Late pick-up fees:

  • Late pick-ups by 1-10 minutes after the agreed pick up time: £10.00.
  • Every 5 minutes thereafter: £5.00.
  • Fees are payable upon collection of your dog(s). Refusal to pay will result on any Action Petz centre being unable to accept future Day Care booking your dog(s).


Thank you for choosing Action Petz’s Doggy Day Care for your dog, we are very happy to meet you and certainly looking forward to getting to know your pooch!

To ensure our Doggy Day Care remains fun, safe, friendly and enriched you and us must follow a series of rules and guidelines, this includes checking for vaccination details very often, making sure all dogs are in good health and making sure we test the suitability for our Day Care environment.

So… what does it mean that a dog is NOT suitable for Day Care? The 1st written assessment and ½ Day Trial at our centres means we get to test in depth for just more than dog to dog, or dog to people aggression/interactions, we also test every potential new dog for separation anxiety, undesirable behaviours, integration with the group, integration with our staff and general wellbeing.

With this in mind, a dog may not be aggressive but it still can be unsuitable for Day Care for many reasons such as:

  • Your dog experiences a high degree of separation anxiety that cannot be safely managed by our teams (this issue needs to be assessed, managed and monitored by a dog behaviour specialist).
  • Your dog is not happy sharing toys with other dogs.
  • Your dog does not enjoy being in a group of dogs. Some dogs, just like some people, are more introverted in personality. These dogs would prefer to have their needs met by a private dog walker/sitter rather than a Day Care environment. Just because your pooch does not enjoy Day Care does not mean there is something “wrong”. It is just as acceptable for a dog to prefer the companionship of one or two close friends as it is for a dog to love the Doggy Day Care environment.
  • Your dog has a training or behavioural issue that cannot be safely managed whilst in our care (constant barking for attention, continuous mounting/humping other dogs/staff, fixation over toys, food, staff or other dogs).
  • It has a health issue that cannot be managed safely by us.

If your dog has been declared as unsuitable for Day Care we can always redirect you to the relevant professionals such as dog behaviour specialists, dog walkers or vets that can help you. Do not hesitate to ask us for help!