Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve read everything about Action Petz, the Park Rules and you are (almost) ready to Sign Up, but you still have a question. That’s great! We have gathered below a list of our most frequently asked questions, however, if yours is not on the list, please feel free to contact our centres and a member of the team will be happy to have a chat with you. 


Below is what you can expect to during your first visit to our centres

Once you have signed up your pooch online clicking here (please remember to do this before visiting us). You can expect:

  • A warm welcome upon arrival for you and your dog
  • We meet and greet your dog. We will say hello to him/her and make sure they’re comfortable in our space.
  • Our friendly experienced staff will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about your dog’s temperament and history
  • We’ll check your dog’s vaccination record (you must bring this on your first visit) or call your dog’s Vet to check your dog(s) is up to date with vaccinations/boosters.
  • We will carry out a temperament check on your dog to satisfy us that your dog is not showing signs of aggression. This can include stroking your dog, offering a treat/toy, meeting other dogs in a controlled manner.

You can expect this process to take at least 15 minutes (sometimes longer). Once completed we’ll show you around, explain you the park rules and once your dog(s) has visited the toileting area, that’s it!

Your dog is now an official Action Petz member and is free to play, run, jump, make friends, do zoomies and generally have a brilliant time.


  1. To bring your dog’s up-to-date vaccination card on your first visit. 
  2. To be ready for your team to perform a temperament assessment on your dog.
  3. To understand and observe the Park Rules
  4. To have a great time!