Prices for Action Petz Dog Parks and Doggy Day Care

For any questions regarding our pricing plans don't hesitate to contact us!

Join our Dog Play Centre today!

£10 Annual Registration Fee

Includes all dogs living in the same home that are being registered at the same time.

Please note: this registration is inclusive of our Dog Play Park only. It excludes Doggy Day Care, Dog training and any other services offered by Action Petz centres. 

How does it work?

  1. Register online to your preferred centre.
  2. Visit the centre you registered to with your dog when you are ready (please check opening times before visiting). On this first visit you will need to bring your dog's up-to-date vaccination card. During this first visit we will also assess your dog's temperament. Only dogs that are fully vaccinated and pass our temperament assessment (friendly towards other dogs and people, and unlikely to cause major disruptions) will be allowed as members. For more information, please view our Park Rules and FAQs.
  3. Choose your membership type on your first visit. You can view all our memberships below.
  4. Enjoy!
SWANSEA: Join the Play Park Today

Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care users do not need to be registered as Action Petz Members and vice versa.

Doggy Day Care

Monday to Friday:
Full Day (up-to 10 hours) from £19.00/Per Day per dog.
Half Day (up-to 5 hours) from £13.50/Per Day per dog.
From 8 AM until 6 PM.
Payment must be made upon booking